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EDF Renewables signs agreements with Tesco in the United Kingdom to provide power from roof-mounted solar panels and wind farms

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EDF Renewables has signed three corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with leading multinational retailer, Tesco. Through these three contracts, 60 MW of renewable power will be provided to Tesco, from 17 roof-mounted solar installations and from two Scottish onshore wind farms. These new solar and wind projects contribute to the EDF Group’s Cap 2030 strategy, which aims to double its renewable capacity globally, between 2015 and 2030, increasing to 50 GW net.

A distributed solar 20 year Corporate PPA covering 5 MWp in England
EDF Renewables – which benefits from recognised global expertise in Commercial & Industrial distributed solar solutions – is now moving into this field in the UK. EDF Renewables UK will install fifteen thousand roof-mounted solar PV panels on seventeen Tesco stores across Englandi. This is a total of 5 MWp of installed capacity. Construction is already underway and it will be completed by the end of next year (2020).

Two wind 15 year Corporate PPAs covering 54 MW in Scotland

To support these PPAs, EDF Renewables will build two wind projects:
– The Burnfoot East wind farm project which will have three turbines with a total installed capacity of 10.8 MW; the project is an extension of the existing Burnfoot cluster located in the Clackmannanshire council area, which has a total capacity of 42 MW. The future wind farm extension is expected to will be completed mid-2020 ;
– Another wind farm in Scotland with a capacity of around 43 MW will be built in Scotland. Details will be announced later.

For several years, EDF Renewables has been forging ahead with a number of solutions across the world, helping commercial & industrial customers find the best way to achieve their low carbon ambitions through generating renewable energy. Among its international customers: Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Yahoo, Nivea, Danone, Coca Cola, Nestlé and Wahaha.

CEO of EDF Renewables UK, Matthieu Hue said: “We are very pleased to be working with Tesco which is already one of EDF’s biggest customers in the UK. These projects show the ability of EDF to provide diverse solutions for customers in terms of low cost renewable electricity. These exciting projects also demonstrate our ability to develop subsidy free solar and wind in the UK as well as underpinning the important part these technologies play in de-carbonising the UK electricity system to reach the country’s net zero targets by 2050.”

Jason Tarry, Tesco UK and Republic of Ireland CEO, said: “Our supply chain and long-term business sustainability depend on the health of the natural environment. Our customers and colleagues expect Tesco to play its part in caring for the planet. This project represents a major milestone in our journey to using 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030.”

EDF Renewables is a leading international player in renewable energies, with gross installed capacity of 13 GW worldwide. Its development is mainly focused on wind and solar photovoltaic power. EDF Renewables operates mostly in Europe and North America but is continuing to grow by moving into promising emerging regions such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the Middle East. The company has strong positions in offshore wind power, but also in other areas of the renewable energies industry such distributed energy and energy storage. EDF Renewables develops, builds, operates and maintains renewable energies projects, both for itself and for third parties. Most of its international subsidiaries bear the EDF Renewables brand. EDF Renewables is the EDF Group subsidiary specialising in developing solar and wind power.

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