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EDF Renewables


Our health and safety culture

Our individual employees and providers are key to our activities and a core priority. We strive to be a benchmark in health and safety.

EDF Renewables has adopted a policy in which health and safety underpin our culture. Our goals are:

  • no fatal accident;
  • resolutely reduce work-related accidents;
  • and protect health.

We have made commitments to deploy the health and safety policy across the board. It applies to both Group’s managers and employees and to its providers and suppliers.

Our environmental responsibility program

Wind farms and solar plants help fight climate change and protect the environment, since they emit no atmospheric pollutants and derive their energy from inexhaustible natural resources.

In conducting its construction and operation activities, EDF Renewables takes pains to identify, understand, assess and address the environmental issues relating to its facilities. Though their impact is limited to start with, all EDF Renewables activities are subject to our proactive programme designed to limit and control their impact and to seek out and implement the best technical and technological solutions to protect the environment.

EDF Renewables researches and implements the best technical and technological solutions to preserve the environment. The Group pays a particular attention to mastering the impacts of its activities on the quality of life of people close to production sites and on biodiversity (flora, fauna, habitats). Involved in the field of environment and biodiversity, EDF Renewable teams have developed real expertise on these issues.

This programme is part of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that enables us to achieve ongoing improvement in our environmental performance and to control costs, ensure regulatory compliance, satisfy stakeholders and enlist our employees in our environmental activities.


Our values

To support performance and ensure the highest standards of integrity, EDF Renewables employees are guided by six values, the first three of which we hold in common with the EDF Group. Our growth and success are predicated on the ability of our employees, who drive our innovation and will constitute the company going forward, to share the human values that are part of our DNA.


  • Showing consideration for and recognition of individuals, respecting people
  • Displaying an open mind, valuing the opinions of others
  • Being honest in our actions and our relationships
  • Ensuring a safe workplace to our employees, as well as the safety of our assets


  • Honouring our commitments
  • Being accountable for our actions
  • Taking into account the social and environmental impact of our activities
  • Putting forth our best effort and adopting a constructive attitude


  • Counting on each other
  • Generating added values for the local communities
  • Promoting a long-term approach in our vision, our activities and our relationships


  • Reacting quickly and adapting continuously to our changing market and environment
  • Being able to seize opportunities and to take risks in an uncertain future
  • Valuing our sense of initiative and our creativity to support the development of our projects
  • Innovating and creating in order to develop tomorrow’s technologies and renew our expertise


  • Being dedicated to the development of renewable energies
  • Sharing the same desire of devising solutions and succeeding in our projects
  • Conducting our activities with enthusiasm, striving for excellence and performance
  • Being committed to protecting the environment


  • Working together as a team and with dialogue
  • Cultivating cooperation and valuing partnerships
  • Sharing our ambitions and our successes