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EDF Renewables

A world leader

Our identity

EDF Renewables is an international energy company which develops, builds and operates renewable power generation plants.

As a major player in the energy transition worldwide, EDF Renewables deploys, within EDF, competitive, responsible and value-creating projects.

In every country, our teams show their
commitment to local stakeholders every day, adding their expertise and capacity for innovation to the fight against climate change.


EDF Renewables is a subsidiary of EDF, helping the Group to achieve its renewable energy goals. The EDF Group generates low-carbon electricity around the world and actively participates in the energy transition. It plans to double its renewable capacity by 2030, from 28 GW (including hydro) to 50 GW, as part of its strategic project “CAP 2030”.

Integrated skills

As an integrated operator with global reach, EDF Renewables covers the entire renewable energy chain, from development to operation and maintenance, and manages all project phases in-house. This enables us to control the quality and performance of our power plants and provide long-term support for our partners.


  • Land search;
  • Energy yield assessment;
  • Environmental impact studies;
  • Consultation;
  • Project management: administrative, economic and technical coordination.


  • Engineering (electrical, acoustic, etc.);
  • Works management (programme management);
  • Procurement;
  • Logistics.

Asset management

  • Asset manager services;
  • Contractor relations;
  • Production monitoring;
  • Asset disposal.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Scheduled, corrective and preventive maintenance;
  • Purchasing / Inventory management and optimisation;
  • Supervision of power plants and production;
  • High-level engineering.

As part of its project development activity, the Group develops and sells structured assets, i.e. all or part of projects it has built, to third parties wishing to acquire these infrastructure assets.