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Your situation


Operator in an island

relying essentially on diesel generators



Operator in a desert

relying essentially on diesel generators



Camps operator

Or Hotel operator in an offgrid area



Mine operator

or Factory operator in an offgrid area


In 2019, EDF Renewables launched a new business line fully dedicated to renewable projects in remote areas, such as deserts and islands, where diesel generators are often used to produce electricity.

As Independent Power Producer, we build, own and operate solar power plants equipped with battery system, to offset diesel generators usage.

Thanks to our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you will reduce your fuel consumption / CO2 emissions, and generate immediate cost savings.


Toucan solar project - French Guiana (5MW Solar + 6MWh Battery)

Your requirements


Significant savings on your electricity bill from day 1


Slash your CO2 emissions on electricity generation


Reduce the constraints and risks associated with fuel logistics

Fixed power

Hedge your electricity cost against oil price volatility

Why partnering with EDF Renewables ?


Independent Power Producer (development, construction, financing & operation) able to handle offsite projects complexity.

track record

More than 13 GW of wind/solar and storage assets installed over 20 countries.

group skills

Backed by a strong utility group having skills on thermal, hydro and grid design and operation.

& Islands

EDF group operates 4 islands with 50 to 200 MW of solar and 26 microgrids.

In Peru, we contribute to the microgrid of the largest isolated city in the world

In Iquitos, in Peru, we develop, build and operate approximately 100 MW of photovoltaic capacity and more than 100 MWh of battery storage. These capacities will contribute to the microgrid grid of the largest isolated city in the world and that contribute to Peru's ambition to reduce its consumption of fossil fuels.

More info: see the press release

Example of projects




Island solution

Combined large scale PV and long term storage on two islands to replace up to 80% of diesel electricity




Desert solution

PV, battery and genset implementation on a dozen microgrids in desertic areas to reduce costs of energy by over 20%

A broader ecosystem around EDF Renewables


EDF store & forecast offers a smart and autonomous Energy Management System (EMS) that optimizes the operation of local electric systems by leveraging forecast and energy storage technology. It also offers renewable production and consumption forecasts. EDF Store & Forecast already operates 1,3 GW of renewables in its forecasting portfolio.


Ecosun innovations offers a range of containerized solar generators for electrification in remote areas, self-consumption and transport requirements. An alternative to diesel, or other types of power generators, for the needs inferior to 500kWc.

What is a microgrid ?


A microgrid is an independent electricity network, with or without connection to the primary network. Its capacity can range from a few kW to several tens of MW. There is nothing new about microgrids: islands, field dispensaries, residential districts and isolated production sites have always had to generate their own electricity, usually from fossil fuels.

Today renewable energies represent an opportunity to make these installations cheaper and more environmentally friendly.


Combining solar and/or wind, with storage to reach further savings, enables to offset thermal production thus reducing costs and C02 emissions.

    Hybrid microgrid: How does it work?

  1. Solar photovoltaic power plant: The solar panels produce electricity during the day. This electricity is consumed directly from the electricity grid, the surplus is stored in batteries.
  2. Battery storage system: When the electricity produced by the solar panels is no longer sufficient to cover needs, especially at nightfall, the electricity stored in the batteries is fed into the grid.
  3. Generator: When the production of solar panels and batteries is no longer sufficient, a generator can take over to meet the electricity demand.