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Le Fouilloux

Installed capacity: 11,92 MWp
Number of panels: 99 375
Commissioning year: 2017

The Fouilloux power station, is the 5th photovoltaic power plant of EDF Renewable located in New Aquitaine.

Reuse of the industrial site

It took place on the quarry Saint Georges, whose exploitation stopped in the summer of 2013.

Thanks to our very great control of the construction phase. The site of this solar power station was completed in just 4 months from clearing to commissioning.

The Fouilloux solar power station continues today to contribute to the economic vitality of the territory thanks to the sun.

Technical aspect of the Fouilloux solar power station

Covering an area of 18 hectares, the Fouilloux solar station is composed of nearly 100,000 photovoltaic modules for a total power of 12 MWp. It can meet the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 6,000 people.

The Fouilloux solar station is equipped with the CONSSYST solution, an innovative solution that we have developed with EDF Store and Forecast and EDF R & D. This system offers intelligent services to the power grid, through algorithms to smooth the power of the plant and frequency regulation without resorting to storage.

Green energies and environmental commitments

For EDF Renewables, the environmental requirement of a project is absolutely fundamental. The development of the site takes into account the specificities of the local fauna and flora. No phytosanitary product will be used in the maintenance of the vegetation of the site, in favor of a mechanical mowing. Passages were built in the fences to allow the small fauna to cross the plant.