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Jawarharlal Nehru NSM

Installed capacity: 120.00 MWc
Number of solar panels: 612 000
Commissioning: 2015

Located in the Rajasthan State, in the Thar desert, the 120 MWp NSM project (Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission) is a combination of five photovoltaic plants, which are equipped with 612,000 solar panels in total. The commissioning of this solar plant stands as a major milestone for AMCE Solar in his role to achieve India’s national plan to add up 100 GW worth of PV plants by 2019 (2015).

This project significantly contributes to the local economy and employment, as all construction, operation and maintenance work, as well as the supply of 20% of photovoltaic modules have been contracted with Indian businesses, thus creating a sustainable local industrial cluster.